Beau trimmed

Our son Beau has been Dr. D’Antonio’s speech patient for over a year.  As a 2 1/2 year old, Beau’s speech was completely unintelligible and it was tough to find a therapist who specialized in speech therapy for such a young child. By chance Dr. D’Antonio was mentioned to us by another therapist and she confidently took on the challenge. Beau has progressed in leaps and bounds due to his work with Dr. D’Antonio.  Her methods and commitment went far beyond our expectations. She has regularly driven more than 2 hours each week for sessions so Beau would be comfortable and would participate in therapy with both of his parents joining in.  She has provided individualized homework for us to do in between sessions and she has developed and trained us in behavioral methods to help Beau focus in therapy and out. Dr D’Antonio did more than help Beau find his voice she helped him find his confidence.