We can’t say enough good things about Dr. Linda D’Antonio! Our 17-year-old daughter has VCFS, and she has been in and out of therapy for YEARS. A year ago, we found Dr. D’Antonio. She has been working with VCFS patients for about 30 years, and she is one of the best anywhere. She has it all – she’s incredibly skilled as a therapist, she brings immense compassion to her patients, and she’s a treasure-trove of information about other resources for those with VCFS.

Dr. D’Antonio did an amazing job working with our daughter, and we saw big improvements during her 8 months of therapy. But Dr. D’Antonio was way more than just a therapist. She was a case manager as well, helping us find all sorts of resources, including a research study at UCLA that is helping us with education planning, and surgical planning for speech. We would recommend Dr. D’Antonio to anyone looking for a great speech therapist – but especially for those with VCFS, she is THE therapist to work with.